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Luca Pretolesi


As dance music continues to sweep through the United States like wildfire, artists like Tiesto, Diplo and Steve Aoki are becoming household names throughout the nation. Yet one important name that is still lingering behind the scenes belongs to Luca Pretolesi, the Italian-born mixing and mastering engineer that has given the magic touch to these artists’ music and countless others.

Credited for jump-starting the techno scene in Italy as a teenage producer called Digital Boy, Luca released the country’s very first techno album, “Technologiko”. His song “Gimme A Fat Beat” made its way into Italy’s Top 10 chart and was in full rotation on MTV Europe, the first techno song to ever do so. A true pioneer and innovator, Luca’s production and mixing/mastering techniques have earned him a reputation throughout the world as one of the best in the business. Over the past 20 years he has worked on over 350 records which have sold over 3,000,000 copies and include more than a dozen #1 hits.

With the punchy sound of dance music in high demand for genres across the board, Luca has been extremely successful in delivering just that. From Steve Aoki’s album “Wonderland”  to Cypress Hill’s latest “Lez Go”, his unique ability to bring out the perfect frequencies in a song and increase its overall energy is being utilized in every corner of the music industry.

Luca’s recent credits also include Moby, The Bloody Beetroots, Congorock and Crookers, with more DJs and producers knocking at his door everyday, leaving their songs in his trusted care to give them their first breathe of life and make their hearts start beating.